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enjoy clicking away on this weeks ideas!…it may be the last jessica’s journal you see for a short while…pending on this baby showing up (it’s already 2 days late)…sigh.  i love getting links you find…or hearing about ideas you have…continue leaving your FB comments…or create a wordpress account to leave a comment directly on the blog!  thanks! 

super cute stuff for home, holidays & kids (@ house 8810)

recipe roundup for the best veggie in the world…asparagus! (@ pioneer woman)

i could scroll through here forever looking at colorful prints & patterns (@print & pattern)

diy framed wire memo board is super cute & easy! ( @ the gunny sack)

lots of homeade popsicles over here (@ chez beeper bebe)

if you knit…you should knit this…for me! (@ retrobaby)

are these homeade wipes worth a try? (@ the big red kitchen)

love this shower curtain! ( @ a little lovely)

homeade watercolor pages!  thanks again Jen for the idea! ( @ lissybug)

i heart mason jars! ( @ post road vintage)

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30 before 30 (the unfinished list)

i have 19 months before i turn 30…jealous? just kidding.  this is serious stuff.  i need your help…i am creating a 30 things to do before i turn 30 list…i am a procrastinator person who needs lots of time to make decisions…which is why i am alloting myself extra time for the completion of this project…so here is the list i have started…i am trying to not include too many things that need to get done around the house as this list is meant to focus on things that will bring my true joy!

so 1-19 is taken care of…it’s the last bit i’m having trouble with…maybe a bright light of ideas will come to me post prego???  but that is unlikely…my wheels are turning slowly but surely…what do you think of the list so far?  got ideas?

1.  open my etsy shop

2.  HOT date(s) with Andrew

3.  have an adorable family photo session

4.  take a calligraphy/script/text class

5.   redo my sewing table

6.  grow some cool stuff in the garden

7.  lose & keep off all this prego weight

8.  own pretty dishtowels

9.  try my hand at reupholstering

10.  go hiking in Olympic National Park

11.  something for charity

12.  go somewhere & wander aimlessly…maybe for an entire weekend!

13.  Buy some hot lingerie

14.  go to a beach sandcastle competition

15.   read 10 of my friends favorite books & make a list of 100 books i want to read in my lifetime

16.  drink lots-o’ wine…maybe a wine tour

17.  make a terrarium

18.  this could be dangerous & go against my weight loss plan…but oh screw it…make homeade ice cream

19.  go back to yoga 5 days a week for 1 month











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30 before 30 list coming soon!

wow.  i had no idea how hard this would be to even think of things i would want to do before i turn 30 (i’m making a 30 before 30 list you see)…i’ve had to really think about what “jessica” is all about…& not about things for the family…& not about things i want done around the house. 

the ultimate question…what makes up, well, me???  you forget along the road…get lost in the shuffle.  i mean i’ve always obviously been me…but i was young when we were married & then had kids & through all that have rarely made “me” time…so here i go…brainstorming…what will bring me ultimate joy?  (minus the obvious of a happy & healthy family)…so the list is rough…i’m only on number 18 & already i see some revisions (deleting) that needs to happen. 

so i pose the question to you too…what would bring you joy?  this isn’t about saving the world people…just a simple list of things you love or would love to accomplish.  plus…i realize that i am ever evolving…again this list isn’t to be taken too seriously…as in “deep”…i mean it’s just 30 people!

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jessica’s journal

i love collecting ideas…& i hope you’re enjoying my finds!

since cake pops are all the rage (@bake at 350)

& while we’re talking cake…here’s a yummy roundup of recipes (@brown eyed baker)

an awesome jewelry organizer idea (@ bluebirdheaven)

love these revamped old world globes! (@  imagine nations)

a fabulous idea for little ones to learn about looms & weaving (@ my mommy makes it)

fun hot air balloon project to do this summer! (@ bkids)

tiered pie tin organizer is super cute (@ MaryJanes & Galoshes)

my friend Jen sent me a link to some adorable patterns for plushies (@ dolls & daydreams)

yummy recipe for creamy chicken avocado salad…right up my alley! (@ cheeky kitchen)

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the easiest single pie crust in the world! & some strawberry rhubarb deliciousness!

 so i had…. some rhubarb in the garden…& a container of strawberries that weren’t super sweet…so…twist my arm…i made a strawberry rhubarb pie.  it was delish…even by andrew’s pie standards…which are very high.  first, let me pass on a secret…a secret that will change your mind about pie crust…it can be easy peasy!  believe me.  especially when it involves no cutting, no rolling, & no mess…are you skeptical?  see for yourself…it’s a piece of cake…er…pie?!

easy peasy pie crust recipe…makes one 9 inch crust

1/4 cups water    1/3 cups shortening     1 cup flour     1 pinch of salt

how is this possible you ask?

put your water & shortening in a microwave safe dish & heat until shortening is melted       

add the flour & salt straight into your pie pan

stir the water & shortening into the flour until combined

then literally just press the dough into the bottom & up the sides of the pie plate…that is it…just believe people!

Now…onto the strawberry rhubarb part of it…

3 cups sliced rhubarb…this was 7 stalks for me     2 1/2 cups sliced strawberries                   1 cup sugar  3 tablespoons cornstarch 

for the streusel topping…

1 cup flour     3/4 cup brown sugar     1/2 cup cold butter cut into pieces

add your rhubarb & strawberries into a bowl & mix in the sugar & cornstarch

pour all the fruit into the easy peasy crust

now for the topping…in a bowl add the flour & brown sugar cut the butter in until it’s all mixed & is crumb-like…sprinkle this over the fruit…all of it!

bake @ 400 for about 50 minutes…1/2-way through baking you may have to cover pie edges with foil so it doesn’t get too brown

let it cool before serving & enjoy…i don’t like mine ala mode…but if that’s your thing…i prefer spoonfuls of whip cream…

& the best part about pie…is the next morning…when you find it on your countertop…when your hand immediately finds a spoon & you find yourself just eating a little sliver…then scooping out a wee bit more…then you say quietly to yourself “well I might as well make that cut straight”…& it continues…until you realize you better save a slice for the husband tonight!


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jessica’s journal

here is another round of link loveliness!  i love how creative people are…& that they blog…so i can drool!  hope you’re enjoying!

this patchwork map even comes with a tutorial…hooray!  i know just where i’d want to put it! (@ see kate sew)

i heart photo walls…especially eclectic ones…here’s a mess of them to inspire you!             (@ the crafting chicks)

a garden made from a plain old pallet is genius! (@life on the balcony)

here’s a whole bunch of links to gardening greatness! (@ apartment therapy)

this ribbon holder is right up my alley. (@ allen designs)

when the little one is old enough to hold up a sign we are taking a picture like this one!      (@ blue lily photo)

might as well do something fun with my mismatched silverware! (@spearmint kitchen)

if you’ve ever ‘tried’ to garden with kids you must read this…you will laugh…hard! (@alpha mom)

check this book out!  seriously the best & easiest bread you’ll ever bake! (@amazon)

a great butterfly art project for claire (@ ellieandabbie)

a very genius s’mores gift (@ fancy that)

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moms day cards with claire

so i had found this free template to download some very cute momma bird cards…so i did…& hit print…let claire pick out some paper from my stash…i did the tracing & cutting…because i am one of “those” moms…but claire  did all the glueing…& all the sticky dots…& eye drawing & addressing of the envelopes…they turned out very cute…take a look for yourself!…oh & i apologize for the grainy pictures…i’m going to have to learn how to use my camera to do this blogging business!  

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