jessica’s journal

enjoy clicking away on this weeks ideas!…it may be the last jessica’s journal you see for a short while…pending on this baby showing up (it’s already 2 days late)…sigh.  i love getting links you find…or hearing about ideas you have…continue leaving your FB comments…or create a wordpress account to leave a comment directly on the blog!  thanks! 

super cute stuff for home, holidays & kids (@ house 8810)

recipe roundup for the best veggie in the world…asparagus! (@ pioneer woman)

i could scroll through here forever looking at colorful prints & patterns (@print & pattern)

diy framed wire memo board is super cute & easy! ( @ the gunny sack)

lots of homeade popsicles over here (@ chez beeper bebe)

if you knit…you should knit this…for me! (@ retrobaby)

are these homeade wipes worth a try? (@ the big red kitchen)

love this shower curtain! ( @ a little lovely)

homeade watercolor pages!  thanks again Jen for the idea! ( @ lissybug)

i heart mason jars! ( @ post road vintage)

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