30 before 30 (the unfinished list)

i have 19 months before i turn 30…jealous? just kidding.  this is serious stuff.  i need your help…i am creating a 30 things to do before i turn 30 list…i am a procrastinator person who needs lots of time to make decisions…which is why i am alloting myself extra time for the completion of this project…so here is the list i have started…i am trying to not include too many things that need to get done around the house as this list is meant to focus on things that will bring my true joy!

so 1-19 is taken care of…it’s the last bit i’m having trouble with…maybe a bright light of ideas will come to me post prego???  but that is unlikely…my wheels are turning slowly but surely…what do you think of the list so far?  got ideas?

1.  open my etsy shop

2.  HOT date(s) with Andrew

3.  have an adorable family photo session

4.  take a calligraphy/script/text class

5.   redo my sewing table

6.  grow some cool stuff in the garden

7.  lose & keep off all this prego weight

8.  own pretty dishtowels

9.  try my hand at reupholstering

10.  go hiking in Olympic National Park

11.  something for charity

12.  go somewhere & wander aimlessly…maybe for an entire weekend!

13.  Buy some hot lingerie

14.  go to a beach sandcastle competition

15.   read 10 of my friends favorite books & make a list of 100 books i want to read in my lifetime

16.  drink lots-o’ wine…maybe a wine tour

17.  make a terrarium

18.  this could be dangerous & go against my weight loss plan…but oh screw it…make homeade ice cream

19.  go back to yoga 5 days a week for 1 month











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