30 before 30 list coming soon!

wow.  i had no idea how hard this would be to even think of things i would want to do before i turn 30 (i’m making a 30 before 30 list you see)…i’ve had to really think about what “jessica” is all about…& not about things for the family…& not about things i want done around the house. 

the ultimate question…what makes up, well, me???  you forget along the road…get lost in the shuffle.  i mean i’ve always obviously been me…but i was young when we were married & then had kids & through all that have rarely made “me” time…so here i go…brainstorming…what will bring me ultimate joy?  (minus the obvious of a happy & healthy family)…so the list is rough…i’m only on number 18 & already i see some revisions (deleting) that needs to happen. 

so i pose the question to you too…what would bring you joy?  this isn’t about saving the world people…just a simple list of things you love or would love to accomplish.  plus…i realize that i am ever evolving…again this list isn’t to be taken too seriously…as in “deep”…i mean it’s just 30 people!

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