burping baby tip #1: have a cute burp cloth

here is what i made…burp cloths…30 of them…they were a snap…but first let me rant…

so i haven’t had to burp a baby in quite some time…& you’d think since we’ve been through this infant process twice already we’d be pro at the whole thing right?  right.  wrong.  i feel slightly lost…how am i going to manage the whole thing???…my 4.5 & 2.5 year old bouncing off the walls…the hitting…the screaming…the crying baby…the nursing & above all my sanity…by the way how is one to relax enough to nurse with other little kids running around???  who will clean, who will cook?  i know it will all work…eventually.  i am up for any tricks any of you have up your sleeve to share!  i plan on having some projects to distract the little ones…& i am sure the disney channel will help me, along with the dare i say it, cross my fingers & pray “sunshine” that will hopefully show it’s beautiful face soon!

but for now…i am not going to worry…i will try to not whine…life could be way worse!  everyone is healthy & i am thankful for that!  for now i am going to distract myself with a to-do list of unnecessary projects to start when 9 months prego…

ok, back to the burp cloths…i started off with some great fabric…some caleb gray meets monaluna was perfect for gender neutrality…& even if we did know what we were having why should i have to sport some pink or blue teddy bears???  i mean i am the one ‘wearing’ & laundering the cloth right?


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