bunny treats

claire & i made these for her friends at preschool…super easy fun-ness!

recipe:  bunny peep treats

this will make a 9×13 pan…12 squares

3 tbsp butter

4 cups mini marshmallows

6 cups crispy cereal

12 bunny peeps

1.  freeze your peeps for a few hours…this will help them not get smooooshed

2.  in a medium saucepan over lowish heat melt butter…then add marshmallows & melt em up until nice & gooey

3.  add your cereal & mix it all in with the gooey goodness

4.  dump the mixture into the pan…butter up your fingertips or your spoon…and press evenly into pan

5.  take your bunny peeps out of the freezer & let your 4 year old smash them down into the bars…just enough for them to stick…with her well washed hands…riiiiight…

6.  let cool & cut into bars


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